They are ten to have distinguished themselves on a vintage of more than fifty talented, talented and passionate young girls who are the pride of Cameroon in basketball in the Junior category. For a week, they are about fifty girls from the ten regions of Cameroon to have gathered in the political capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, for one and the same passion: basketball. To date, the junior NBA Cameroon is the only junior category basketball tournament that brings together all mixed teams from Cameroon's 10 regions and places special emphasis on promoting women's basketball (quarter-time girls' entry). This event allowed us to detect these few talents that are part of the cuvée of more than fifty young girls prepared and ready to represent Cameroon in the next international competitions in category U16 and why not in Ladies. Without wishing to undermine any region that has no context with equally promising talent, it is objectively and after consultation with the experts and coaches of basketball that we have established this ranking that highlights a small sample of the best prospects U16 Girls basketball in Cameroon.

10-Achu Noela
Shy and discrete, her shooting ability speaks for her on the court. The native of South-west region, Noela knows how to score 3 points. Matter fact, lack of competition due to the security crisis in the South-West region make it difficult for her to showcase all her potential and capacity. But still, her performance was above the average. After Basketzoom’s tournament and Jr. NBA, her game prove that she is one of the top ranked players of her class. How she enjoys every hoop to the rim, you can barely missed it when you look at her face : “She loves shooting 3 points and she is an excellent guard. Her problem is the focus on court, and also, she gets quickly angry and frustrated when the games is not happening as she expected on the court.”, said her coach Perez Maloba. Probably her team is lack of competition, but her passion for the game is so high, and she just needs to have more nationally and why not internationaly.

9- Kelya Kipo
The looking shy, the player from Biyem-Assi, Kelya is one of the pride of the Falcons basketball academy. Powerful, and with very high percentage in shooting, she has more than once shown what she is capable of on the basketball court. It is on a different and new angle that we discover her during the junior NBA Cameroon. Coming to have fun like many other young kids, Kelya has shown great playability and a clear evolution compared to a few months ago. More focused on the game, she is one of the major strengths of her team and has been the subject of many team prowess. Nicknamed the silent killer in her academy, she knows how to take the game on her own when others are lagging behind. If Kelya lacks concentration on the field, Kelya is not aware of the enormous potential that sleeps in her: "Kelya is very assiduous and manages to win despite her young age. When she plays, she lacks concentration and she has a hard time believing in her potential, which is huge, "says her Coach Clemence Nga Yomba. Like many young people of her age, she should improve her left side which is often lacking when the defenses are in excessive pressing.

8- Cynthia Amayaba
Fast and good gameplay, Cynthia has one of the best offensive games during the Jr NBA. Playing as sometime as guard and sometime as small forward, her accuracy is about 80% at 2pts. Aggressive, she knows how to take on her some responsibility and lead the team. Trained at Fuseet Basketball Academy since she was 13, she has developed a good spirit of initiative. On the other hand, if a 3pts shoot is to improve, Cynthia is always ready to learn how to do better. "When she plays, she wants to give everything she has, and often more. This overflow often makes her not be consistent on the given instructions. She still has a lot to learn and we are working to make her better on a daily basis, "says Coach Didier Bassanguina, Fusee Assistant Coach.

7- Morgan Nguekam
Volunteer and enthusiastic, Morgan is very good at 1-on-1, as a defender on the right side. By cons, when his opponent requires her to use his left side, it puts her in trouble. During the tournament, she made a good margin of progress and good defense action. If some work remains to be done, including her address to the rim, her cheerfulness in learning makes the task seem easier even if it is sometimes difficult to assimilate.

6- Nadine Biabi
Here we have the indomitable lioness of the basketball court. Both, courageous and good leader, the player of the basketball academy Fusee is not afraid to dare. At the Fusee Basketball Academy since the age of 11, her strength lies in her aggressiveness and intensity of play. Very physical, she is an asset that has made the difference several times against other girls. On the field, "she has a very good state of mind, and a very good leader. She do not fail to encourage her teammates, to give the best of them when they play "informs coach Laurent Baleba. If Biabi Nadine is impatient and somewhat impulsive, she has a lot of potential to play at the highest level that exists.
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