Balde Binta Fatoumata Degah
Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Balde Binta Fatoumata Degah I'm from cameroun. Am in first year university I study ( logistic and transport)

In which position are you playing in basketball, which team ?

I play point guard and shooting guard. In onyx.

We finished basketzoom one month ago, could you please share with us your experience?

The first day I attended basketzoom I wasn't so interested because it was unpleasant because of the conditions But after I saw that it becomes a little more interesting I could meet players from different regions And the atmosphere was there...

You spent an entire month with players like you coming from all over the country, can you please let us know 3 players that impressed you, why? Can you make a small profile?

Myriam, Jessica and jade.These players are very good.. at first I suspected their skills... I don't really have much to say.

From your personal perspective, what do think you gain from this tournament?

I learned to be collective , and how to be a leader

What do think we should improve in general ?

The conditions... they area was too bad.

Tell us one think, why did you pick basketball among all the sport? How did it happen, and how was it when you started?

I picked basketball because I love basketball I'm passionate since I was a kid. What happened was that house I lived, we had a neighbor that usually talk to me about basketball, apparently every year her school organized tournaments ... A good day, she therefore decided to take me to her school it was too nice...what impressed me was their behavior and their style they way the play it was too nice watching .. From that day on, I liked basketball.

How did your parents and family reacted when you told them that you are going ball?

My dad was against.. why my mum supported me.

You were also among the girls representing Cameroon in Giants of Africa Basketball Camp 2019, can you please this other great experience?

It was very nice, I really appreciated I learnt a lot.

How do you manage school and sport, what is your secret?

For me is all about organization.

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