Noela Achu
Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? In which position are you playing in basketball, which team ?

I am called Noela Achu.... From the south west region..I am a point guard.. I play under Pillars.. A south west team

We finished basketzoom tournament one month ago, could you please share with us your experience?

Well.. Basketzoom taught me lots of new things. Not only basketball, learnt how to associate with other players, and equally my style of play changed, basketzoom changed my game positively..

You spent an entire month with players like you coming from all over the country, can you please let us know 3 players that impressed you, why? Can you make a small profile?

well the 3players whom I enjoyed playing were: ... 1-Sema...2-Myriam...3-Binta

From your personal perspective, what do think you gain from this tournament?

From my own point of view.. I gained lots. Firstly togetherness.. Secondly team spirit.. And leadership

What do think we should improve in general ?

To me.. All is in tact..

Tell us one think, why did you pick basketball among all the sport? How did it happen, and how was it when you started?

I chose basketball because, I love the game, and my present coach was the one who introduced me to the game and he made me love it even more , because he made understand basketball is worth playing.. I started playing when I was 14 years old, and it was not really difficult to me because I learnt quickly , so it was something I loved doing.

How did your parents and family reacted when you told them that you are going ball?

Well at the start , my parents really did not like the idea of me playing, they wanted me to concentrate on my studies. But after a while they accepted the fact that I am a basketball player.

You were also among the girls representing Cameroon in Giants of Africa Basketball Camp 2019, can you please share with us this other great experience?

Oh.. Giants of Africa literally changed my basketball game.. After basketzoom.. Giants of Africa just helped to perfect my game, well the camp taught me a lot of things, but the first thing was leadership . Giants of Africa was very great.. Very educative very transitional in the life of players, because it laid a very positive impact in all players, that am very sure of. It was a two days camp, but what I learnt in just two days, it made elated, great experience I had in Giants of Africa.

How do you manage school and sport, what is your secret?

Truly.. There is no secret, I just discipline myself and everything is planned, I have my personal time table and that is exactly what keeps me going.
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